Patricia + Neil - Bedfordshire | Covid-19 Garden Wedding

Covid-19 Garden Wedding, Bedfordshire

To say that the past few months have been miserable, anxiety-inducing and confusing would most likely be a huge understatement for us all! Having moved countless weddings (a task which is, unfortunately, still ongoing) and filling my calendar months to the brim with reschedules, I was beyond excited to hear that Patricia and Neil’s wedding was still going ahead. Although given the option to schedule with their original venue, for personal reasons they decided to go ahead with their date and tweak everything about the day they’d initially planned.

My-oh-my, these two mad the blooming best out of a bad situation! I was absolutely blown away, lost fo words (which, trust me, almost Neve happens!) and on the brink of teas when I arrived early to capture Patricia’s wedding preparations. The hard work and dedication herself and friends had put into making their garden their wedding reception was absolutely nothing short of perfection! With Patricia and her family from Portugal, they embraced the Portuguese love for flowers aplenty and the most delicious (!) banquet of home cooked treats for us all!

I truly couldn’t believe how beautiful it all was.

Their wedding was a day that I’ll honestly never forget. I think they’ve set an amazing example fo many couples potentially considering to reschedule due to Covid-19, proving that you can make your wedding jaw-dropping at home so long as you have a supportive group behind you!

Kind words from Patricia and Neil:

“It was a treat woking with Charlotte, she is an amazing photographer!

She managed to have my husband comfortable with the camera and we love our wedding photos!

We were so limited because of the pandemic, but Charlotte was there, gave us great communication and gave us nice support. I highly recommend her!”

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