Jodie + Chris - Suffolk Pre-Wedding Shoot

Thetford Forest Pre-Wedding shoot

Suffolk Pre-Wedding Shoot, Thetford Forest

In true pre-wedding shoot fashion, I had a blast with Jodie and Chris on their pre-wedding shoot! We travelled to Thetford Forest in Suffolk, with all parties instantly sweaty from the 30 degree heat and baking sun (yum!) However, Thetford Forest is (fortunately for us all!) engulfed with towering pine trees which managed to make the warmth of our shoot a whole lot more bearable!

Although I’ve visited Thetford Forest many times as a child, this was the first time I’d used this venue for a pre-wedding shoot…and my goodness, the sunshine bleeding through the forest made for some of the most glorious photo opportunities!

My approach to Pre-Wedding Shoots:

As with a lot of my couples, Jodie and Chris were fairly nervous at the prospect of having a camera on them for a few hours (with Jodie admitting she was “petrified”). It’s totally understandable too, as a “pre-wedding shoot” certainly sounds rather daunting if you’re not used to being around a camera for a large proportion of the day!

As I’m sure you’ll all know by looking through my website, I’m a wedding photographer who focuses – primarily, on capturing candid and documentary photographs. Not only do I think this is the best way to illustrate real moments that happen throughout a wedding day, but I also find these to be the most flattering photos someone can achieve. My approach to pre-wedding shoots is really not much different to my approach to taking wedding photographs. I’ll encourage us to go for a little wander, have a chat and then do some relaxed photographs with some basic posing prompts just to ease all couples into the rough flow of a photoshoot. As with all of my couples, I encouraged Jodie and Chris to try out any poses they may be considering for their wedding day (or, let’s face it, the poses they’ve seen on Pinterest at 4am!)

Excitingly, Jodie and Chris also brought along some yellow and blue smoke bombs (which was a first for me!) These only added to the great fun we were having on their couples shoot! The additional pops of coloured smoke were so unique and was perfectly in keeping with how fun this couple are!

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