Firstly, a massive congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding, although very exciting, often brings along many (unfortunate!) stresses.

There are copious things to consider, which goes without saying – but worrying whether your special wedding memories are being professionally recorded certainly shouldn’t be one to them!

My role is to tell your beautiful story artistically, through the lens of a camera. However, I don’t want it to feel like a formal photoshoot – I hope you will feel comfortable enough around me so it’s more like a friend of yours capturing your special day! 

With this in mind, I like to think our friendship starts from the minute you choose to book me, not the early hours of your wedding day. Therefore, if you need any help with the planning process, advice on smaller details or a chat to calm the nerves, I will gladly be here.

Usually I like to arrange a coffee (or two!) in a convenient place for you and your fiancé; I’d love to hear more about your special day and join in the excitement with you both! This chat will allow us to break the ice a little and start to get to know each other – my aim is for it to seem as though your friend is taking photographs at your wedding, not a stranger. This, in turn, should help to make you and your fiancé feel entirely comfortable with being in front of a camera, whilst I capture the magical moments of your special day.

Remembering your wedding day should fill you with immense joy and, therefore, I like to ensure I capture all elements of your wedding day: from your choice of location to any smaller details that you’ve both taken the time to carefully plan into your day. These images will charmingly accompany the existing collection of romantic couple photographs, with exquisitely interspersed portraits of your friends and family.

In the world of weddings, it is (unfortunately) very common for hidden costs to give you an unhappy surprise. Whether you decide to book my photography service through a package deal, or to custom make your experience, you should feel at ease knowing you are getting exactly what you had hoped for, with no additional hidden costs.

There are a range of packages, designed to suit you and your partner, available. However, please be aware that these are fully customisable should you wish to make adjustments to fit your special day. These packages should be a mere guideline for what is included when hiring me as your photographer.

It is always an honour to be invited to photograph the special story of a couple’s magical day. Having over four (ongoing) years of photography experience, my approach to wedding photography is entirely relaxed. You will know where I am if you need me and otherwise I will be illustrating your day invisibly.

No two weddings are the same and, thus, the same approach and style should never be replicated between them. Your story will be completely unique to you.